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Intern Investigation: Why Forefront-ers Love Forefront

Olivia Milch

Olivia Milch

Hear from Summer Intern Olivia Milch as she investigates which aspects of our agency culture resonate most with our team members. 

On my first day as a summer intern at Forefront Communications, I felt the agency’s collaborative, warm and welcoming culture within seconds of walking into the office. After an excited greeting and tail wag from the firm’s Head of Security, Skipper the dog, the entire office introduced themselves and joined my fellow interns and me for a first-day welcome breakfast. From the Managing Partners to first-year hires, everyone we met exuded enthusiasm, demonstrating the team’s genuine passion for working at Forefront and excitement to share the full agency experience with us.   

As part of one of my summer assignments, I set out to learn why this is the case. From my various conversations with members of Team Forefront, it soon became clear that this inclusive environment extended beyond the interns’ first day in the office. Account Executive Jane Hilger emphasized the tight-knit, inclusive community that defines this full-service B2B fintech marcomms agency. 

“As with any new job, I was nervous walking in,” said Jane, who joined the team last May. “But at the team lunch on my first day, everyone was sitting around the table, having conversations and enjoying their time together while making it a point to include me in their discussions.”

Forefront exemplifies how a positive company culture starts at the top, with its values rooted in the leadership of Managing Partners Mark Dowd and Eric Soderberg. From my very first interactions with them, the pair emphasized the importance of embracing curiosity and never hesitating to ask questions of a manager or senior member of the team. This made a big impression on my fellow interns and me, setting the tone for our journeys at Forefront.

Agency Collaboration Is Key

Generosity – both with team members’ time and assistance and with their gratitude – is another quality that defines Team Forefront, and a responsibility all team members share. From the start, I observed the detail-oriented team members actively communicating with one another to ask for assistance via Microsoft Teams or from across the office. This overarching philosophy creates a more productive workplace – instead of scrambling to complete tasks they are unsure how to tackle, employees work together or delegate work to reach objectives and maximize efficiency. This ensures optimal campaign results for their roster of clients, which occupy all corners of the fintech and capital markets space.

“If I’m unsure about something, I can always turn my chair around and ask questions, and everyone is there to offer their expertise to help me learn,” said Jane. “Everyone is generous with their advice, compassion and support, which makes troubleshooting a breeze.”

This sentiment is echoed at the firm’s highest levels. “No task is beneath anyone. Everyone works hard, and we found a core group of highly motivated people we empower and trust to use their judgment,” stated Mark.

Building Well-Rounded Marketers  

Another key attribute that sets this award-winning agency apart is its focus on its employees’ wellbeing. When asked how the company supports a healthy work-life balance, Mark shared that he was most proud of the investments the agency makes in mental health and wellness, such as operating with a hybrid workweek structure and offering free ClassPass and Citi Bike memberships. Last month, the company held an in-office “Wellness Day” in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, which included a professional masseuse and an expert life coach who led the team through mindfulness and goal-setting exercises. 

While Forefront promotes collaboration, its employees also cherish the agency’s individual growth opportunities. Account Executive Alex Benavides explained how her experience showcases Forefront’s commitment to cultivating a culture where employees are celebrated for their abilities and granted the freedom to make meaningful contributions. 

“As a first-year postgraduate, I never imagined I would have the opportunity to try on so many different hats in my first marketing industry job,” shared Alex. “Throughout my time at Forefront, I’ve never felt pigeonholed into just one area of interest. During my first year, I rotated through our three practice areas, developing my skills in a client-facing environment, alongside some of the brightest marketers in the game. Now, I know where my strengths lie, and I have the opportunity to leverage them.” It’s evident that Forefront goes the extra mile to ensure the success of its staff.   

From my interactions with its members during my short time here thus far, I can say with confidence that the concept of #TeamForefront is a truly strong force. In the fast-paced, sometimes hectic world of marketing agency life, it’s rare to encounter a company that fosters such a supportive, people-first culture, from the Managing Partners to the interns. I look forward to the rest of my summer and continuing to be part of a team that brings such strong values to the forefront (😉) of everything they do.

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