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Intern Investigation: A Day in the Life at Forefront

Jeremy Reguer

Jeremy Reguer

Our award-winning marcomms agency works daily to drive business results for our clients, but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? In the final installment of this year’s Intern Investigation series, summer intern Jeremy Reguer brings us through a day in his life at Forefront, from the morning commute to the last email sent.  

Beginning with Jeremy’s early-morning commute to our office in New York City’s Flatiron District, viewers are guided through a typical day at our agency, from collaborative meetings to the deep-focus work that helps us stand out from the crowd. Along with these slice-of-life clips, you’ll hear from members of Team Forefront across all practice areas as they share aspects of their daily routines. Whether it’s reading the Forefront Fintech Digest and performing news scans or just grabbing a morning coffee, each member of our team has their own set of rituals – much like how they each bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to their work.

While no two days are the same in our business, this video will give you a real sense of the rhythm of a typical in-office day. We hope you’ll come away with a better sense of what life at Forefront could look like for you. 

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