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The Values We Live By and Qualities We Prize at Forefront


Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

These are exciting times for us here at Forefront! Our client roster now includes over 25 leading fintech and capital markets firms, and as a result, we will soon be adding our twelfth employee. With this growth, Eric and I have spent a tremendous amount of time and energy building out our corporate infrastructure. Our upcoming move into our modern new office in NYC’s Flatiron neighborhood will clearly be the most substantial and visible part of this effort, but it’s just one of many steps we’ve taken over the past year.

Throughout this process, we’ve given a lot of thought to the values we’re trying to instill. Teamwork, Integrity, Continual Improvement, Mutual Respect and Work/Life Balance are the principles we believe are critical to our continued success, and we all work hard to live those each day.

Beyond those values, we’ve also given critical thought to the practical skills and qualities we think it takes to do well here at Forefront (or, for that matter, anywhere). As we continue to work to build our organization and further develop our corporate culture, we thought it would be helpful for those considering joining us to publish what we think it takes to succeed at our firm:

  • Be generous. With your knowledge and ideas. With your time and assistance. And with your gratitude. Know that others are generous, too, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. We’re a team that’s in this together.
  • Be a writer. Express yourself in a clear, concise and engaging manner. It’s the most tangible way we showcase our talent. And read good writing in all its forms — it sinks in.
  • Be a communicator. Pick up the phone. Drop a note. Be responsive and provide updates early and often. Our name’s Forefront Communications, after all.
  • Be curious. One of our main differentiators is our knowledge, so ask questions and always seek to learn more. Invest time in making yourself an expert in something that will help us or our clients grow.
  • Be proactive. The ability to anticipate the next question or request and act proactively is a guaranteed way to ingratiate yourself. Always seek to make life easier for others.
  • Be organized. The old adage about hard work being a skill is true. But so is the one about working smarter and not just harder. Being organized is the best way to ensure your productivity.
  • Be confident. Big ideas often don’t come from the top, and seldom are they solely one person’s. Never hesitate to speak up and say what you’re really thinking. Most likely others are as well.
  • Be open. Express what you feel in an honest and respectful way. At the same time, seek feedback and be genuinely open to it. Especially the critical parts.
  • Be accountable. We all make mistakes. When you inevitably do, be honest about it, apologize and try to learn from the experience. Then move on, and allow others to as well.
  • Be entrepreneurial. The current way isn’t always the best way, so be on the lookout for new and better approaches. Especially if it’s something you want to run with — go-getters are welcomed here.