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Wall Street Rides FAR Team of the Week: Forefront Communications

Wall Street Ride FAR

Victoria Sanseverino

Victoria Sanseverino

Whether it’s in the office or on the open roads of a charity bike ride, there is something to be said about the strength of a team that values and supports different approaches to achieve the same end. Forefront Communications, a marketing and PR firm specializing in the capital markets and institutional fintech space, is no exception. 

“In Rides past, a couple of us—who shall remain nameless – took it *really* seriously, desperately trying to cross the finish line before each other,” laughed Forefront Senior Account Executive Sam Belden. “And then there was the rest of us who took it for what it is: a gorgeous day of riding through the fall foliage in Westchester. But that’s the beauty of the event—there’s something for everyone.” 

Returning to the Ride for a third consecutive year, Team Forefront is proud to support the critical work of ASF, which the firm works with throughout the year as its marketing and communications partner. The team is well aware of the universal nature of the cause and the life-changing research enabled by the foundation, so getting involved feels natural. 

“We strongly believe our company should be about more than just the work we do for clients,” said Forefront Managing Partner Mark Dowd, who also serves on the Wall Street Rides FAR board. “We are a part of the Wall Street community and are proud to not only help advance a cause that’s near and dear to many of us, but also get to know our colleagues and peers in a more meaningful way.” 

The pandemic has made life especially challenging for individuals and families impacted by autism, as well as autism researchers who struggled to continue their work when their facilities were shut down. Now more than ever, according to Belden, Team Forefront is glad to contribute to an organization that expertly adapted to ensure that promising young scientists were supported during the trying events of the past year. 

“COVID created immense challenges for autism researchers and families,” said Belden, whose sister is on the spectrum. “I saw how Katie struggled when her all-important routines were upended last year. It was very gratifying watching ASF pivot to meet the needs of people with autism and knowing that we were playing a small part in making it possible.” Beyond the worthy cause that Wall Street Rides FAR supports, the event is also an instance where industry firms that regularly compete with one another come together to support something far more important than the bottom line. 

“I know all of us at Forefront are proud to be part of an event that shows off a side of the industry that many likely don’t see,” added Dowd. “While competition ultimately makes any industry stronger, there is something incredibly powerful about seeing those who are vying for business most every day unify for a greater purpose.”