Forefront Communications

Episode 4: Luc Fortin, TMX Group

On the latest episode of “At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations” we get a view of the markets from up north.

Luc Fortin, President and CEO of the Montréal Exchange & Global Head of Trading for TMX Group, joins the podcast to speak with Forefront Senior Vice President Michael Kingsley and Senior Consultant Rafi Reguer.

From ETFs to crypto to cannabis, Canada has truly been “at the forefront” with market innovations, and Michael, Rafi and Luc discuss how these developments explain why US investors – and investors around the world – need to be paying attention to what goes on in Canada.

Other topics covered include improving direct access to Canadian markets, the payment for order flow debate, and a preview of the Montréal Exchange extending its trading hours to cover the Asia-Pacific region this month.

And if you’ve ever wondered about the difference between “nascent” and “fledgling” companies, you will definitely want to check out this episode.