Forefront Communications

A recent graduate of Fordham University, Lindsey holds degrees in American Studies and Journalism and brings to Forefront experience from her work in government and social media. Lindsey has interned for the United States District Court of New Jersey and Congressional Candidate Mikie Sherrill. As part of the Forefront team, Lindsey helps manage the firm’s daily newsletter, website and social media platforms, in addition to assisting in marketing and media relations efforts for several clients.

Lindsey Patterson


First Job?

Cashier at a makeup studio. I was 13 and paid in merchandise!

Guilty Pleasure?

Reality television. Don’t ask which show, it’s all of them.

My favorite part of being on #TeamForefront?

I love that the word ‘team’ describes us perfectly. Everything we do, we do together, and the countless opportunities for personal and professional development that come as a result are invaluable.


Plan It or Wing It?

MUST plan it!

Coffee or Tea?


Outlook or Gmail?

I cheat on desktop Outlook with browser Outlook because it looks more like Gmail, so that answers that!