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CJ is an enterprise software lifer who is inspired by solutions that simplify the complex, bringing consumer sensibilities to workplace challenges. After starting his career in Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy & Operations practice, he has focused on strategy, marketing/communications, and partnerships efforts for fintech and martech companies ranging in size from a dozen to over 10,000 employees. Prior to joining Forefront, CJ led an independent marketing consultancy, Enimrac LLC, that supported startups and growth-phase companies serving the financial services space. He previously led business development at Giant Machines, worked across strategy and marketing at Portware and FactSet, and spent time in and around ad tech at [x+1] and Forrester Research. CJ is a graduate of NYU Stern, a Brooklyn native/Long Island transplant, and husband (Bridgid) and father (Lucas).


First Job?

Before I graduated college, I did a pretty wide range of things… Worked at my uncle’s screen printing business, helped a photographer in NYC, did a summer as a camp counselor in training, bussed tables at a catering hall, worked as a bank teller, picked up a few shifts as a custodian at an NYC public school, spent summers in retail at Foot Locker and FootAction.

First CD?

No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom. My sister used it to bribe me to try some food I wasn’t otherwise interested in.

Something people would be surprised to learn about me?

I’m a voice actor!


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek. I prefer hard sci fi over sci fi fantasy.

Dogs or Cats?

Dogs, definitely dogs, but cats have grown on me. I can’t help but see the lion in every cat.

Plan It or Wing It?

Plan it AND wing it™