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Episode 7: What Fintech CMOs Are Planning in 2022 – Eric Soderberg and Sam Belden, Forefront Communications



In this special installment, Managing Partner Eric Soderberg and Head of Content Sam Belden assess the results of Forefront’s 2022 Fintech CMO Survey Report


Welcome to a very special episode of At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations – CMO Edition. Launched in 2020, this series is meant to keep our listeners informed as we unpack key industry developments and insights, delving into the people, companies and thought processes that keep the capital markets and fintech humming.

In this installment, Managing Partner Eric Soderberg sits down with Account Manager and Head of Content Sam Belden for an insightful discussion on Forefront’s 2022 Fintech CMO Survey Report. Conducted at the end of 2021, our team sought to uncover how communications professionals across the capital markets are navigating today’s complex marketing landscape, and to that end, we distributed a detailed survey to CMOs and senior marketers from throughout the space and supplemented our quantitative findings with live interviews.

Over the course of their conversation, Eric and Sam take a deep dive into how CMOs are allocating their budgets, how senior marketers are navigating the contraction of the institutional fintech media, the challenges and opportunities presented by remote and/or hybrid work models, the evolution of hiring processes and more.

Time Stamps:

1:17 – What were the biggest takeaways from the survey?

2:29 – You said that fintech marketing budgets were going up. What additional detail can you tell us about that?

4:32 – You also mentioned that firms are writing their own headlines. Can you tell us what that means?

6:50 – You talked about work from home as well as outsourcing. Can you give us a little color on that?

10:40 – Any other takeaways from the survey worth drawing people’s attention to?

Click here to obtain your copy of the full report.