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The Fintech Thought Leaders and Companies You Need to Follow in 2023 – The Definitive List

Alexandra Benavides

Alexandra Benavides

When you work in a fast-paced industry that generates a massive amount of buzz online, it can be difficult to find the people and companies that are worth following. And this applies to the ever-evolving fintech and capital markets space that we focus on.

As the fintech media landscape has evolved, members of this community have increasingly turned to social media and digital platforms to communicate key ideas and amplify the latest news. From X and LinkedIn to Medium and even TikTok, keeping your finger on the pulse of the markets is more complicated than ever. And with the global fintech market projected to grow over 25% in the next four years, staying on top of the headlines will continue to be a challenge.

Here at Forefront, we are dedicated to propelling the growth of our fintech clients through our specialized approach to marketing and communications. Staying on top of the latest industry news and insights plays a significant role in this.

Drawing on our knowledge of the fintech industry, we have compiled a comprehensive list of thought leaders we believe all industry professionals should follow on social media. We’ve done the research and the legwork so you can stay up to date on all fintech and capital markets news and developments.

Whether you’re an industry veteran or a marcomms professional just looking to get up-to-speed, our curated Fintech Thought Leaders List on X will connect you to the people and companies most worth following.

List members include:

By following our list, you can scroll through our curated feed as well as view individual profiles by clicking the “Members” button.

Feel free to use our list to guide your morning news scroll, discover your new favorite industry journalist or connect with like-minded individuals.

Check out our official Fintech Thought Leaders List here.