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Episode 41: Victoria DaSilva, Forefront Communications – 4 Essential Email Marketing Tips for Fintech CMOs

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Welcome to the latest episode of At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations!

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In this episode, SAE Lindsey Patterson sits down with fellow SAE Victoria DaSilva to discuss our recent “4 Essential Email Marketing Tips for Fintech CMOs” blog. To begin, Victoria reviews the role of marketing emails in the overall marketing program, highlighting their ability to create a direct line of contact to your target audience. According to Forefront’s CMO Survey, 30% of industry senior marketing professionals said they planned to increase investment in email marketing and marketing automation in the year ahead.

Next, Victoria offers four key points to consider before hitting “Schedule” on your next email blast:

  • Is Your Subject Line an Afterthought? – When fighting for eyeballs in a cluttered inbox, you can capture the attention of a potential lead by personalizing the subject line and making them feel seen and understood – for example, by incorporating their industry niche or role into the copy.

  • Have You Considered Aspirational Marketing? – Capture your audience’s attention by telling them who they want to be. If your database is comprised of directors, talk to them like they are C-suite.

  • Is Timing on Your Radar? – 80% of all marketing and promotional emails are sent on the hour, making it that much harder for your message to stand out. Try scheduling at an unconventional send time so you’re not fighting for oxygen.

  • Are Your Emails Optimized for Action? – A single CTA often isn’t enough to get recipients to take the next step. Make sure your logo, banner and any other imagery all link to the same desired landing page, rather than a generic destination like a homepage.

Lastly, Victoria shares a quick tip for crafting a winning subject line: leaning into prospects’ pain points. Research shows that phrases that probe recipients on the challenges they are facing can increase open rates by up to 29%.

Incorporating these four simple yet unconventional tips into your email marketing strategy can make all the difference when it comes to driving engagement. Interested in working with Forefront to optimize your email marketing campaign efforts? Drop us a line.

See below for a breakdown of what was discussed. Happy listening!


0:35 – Why email marketing is a key part of a successful B2B marketing strategy

1:45 – 4 essential email marketing tips for B2B CMOs

3:50 – Optimizing your emails to inspire action

4:30 – Concrete best practices for making subject lines more impactful

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