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Episode 30: Making Organic Social a Two-Way Conversation with Lindsey Patterson

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Welcome to the latest episode of At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations!

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In this episode, Forefront AVP and Head of Digital Amanda Perrucci sits down with Senior Account Executive Lindsey Patterson to discuss our recently published article on how B2B fintechs can best leverage organic social media to attract leads and retain clients. As part of our “Lessons from INBOUND 2023” content series, Lindsey shares insights from the recent HubSpot conference on the power of meaningful audience-to-firm communication via social.

Lindsey and Amanda recap the article, unpacking two primary means of fostering deeper engagement on social: social monitoring and social listening. Social monitoring involves firms scanning for conversations they are tagged in or otherwise directly involved in, and replying to those who have engaged with their content. This goes a step beyond simply posting content, which can come across as a one-way conversation, and helps build trust between the firm and its followers – so it should be a top priority once the initial social strategy is in place.

Social listening – when companies participate in wider industry discourse they are not directly tagged in or called to comment on – takes this kind of engagement to a whole new level. As Lindsey states in her article, “Proactively finding opportunities to…insert a brand’s voice into relevant conversations serves as another compelling touchpoint for follows who are considering purchasing from the company.” Active and meaningful social listening can increase brand awareness, deepen the trust between client and company and warm prospects for the sales team.

Lindsey and Amanda go on to discuss how B2B fintechs in particular can reap benefits from these organic social media best practices. Organic social can enable firms to use their marketing budgets more efficiently and bring in leads through creative posts and campaigns, rather than breaking the bank on paid social. For social monitoring in particular, there are a number of technology platforms that can help firms keep track of conversations they are tagged in. However, this technology is no replacement for a full-fledged communications team whose job it is to remain plugged into the fintech social media landscape and trending industry conversations. At Forefront, our team has unique insight into our clients’ content and thought leadership pipelines, upcoming press releases, event attendances and industry award wins – all of which enable us to pull the necessary levers to unlock the full power of organic social media for B2B fintechs.

If you’d like to learn more about how Forefront can help your B2B fintech through social media – organic or paid – please reach out!

Read Lindsey’s full article: “Making Organic Social Media a Two Way Conversation”.

See below for a breakdown of what was discussed. Happy listening!


0:45  – Context for the article and HubSpot’s INBOUND conference

1:30  –  The difference between social monitoring and social listening

3:35  – Why B2B fintechs should care

4:35  – Concrete steps fintechs can take to improve their social monitoring  

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