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Episode 18: Tony Petrilli, ViewTrade

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In this installment of At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations, host Michael Kingsley sits down with ViewTrade CEO Tony Petrilli for an insightful discussion on the company’s 20-year history, its recent addition of carrying broker services and the advantages of working with a single provider for both technology and broker-dealer services amid mounting market pressures. 

Welcome to the latest episode of At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations! Launched in 2020, this ongoing audio and video series has been developed to help you stay informed as we highlight key industry developments and delve into the people, companies and thought processes that keep the capital markets and fintech sector humming.

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In our latest installment, Forefront’s Head of Media Relations Michael Kingsley sits down with Tony Petrilli, CEO of ViewTrade, a leading provider of fintech and cross-border investing technology, support and brokerage services for financial services companies around the world.

In this episode, Michael and Tony discuss ViewTrade’s 20-year history and how serving an array of global clients has given them an intimate understanding of the nuances of the financial services industry. They then delve into a discussion on the classic buy vs build dilemma – with firms facing mounting pressure to innovate, diversify and increase speed to market, ViewTrade’s turnkey tech and brokerage solutions can fulfill these demands.

Michael and Tony also discuss ViewTrade’s recent addition of carrying broker services to its existing suite of solutions. Lastly, Tony describes the company’s collaborative relationships with its clients, who view ViewTrade as not only a part of their enterprise solution set, but as a true partner in their innovation.

See below for a breakdown of the discussion. Happy listening!


0:45 – What kinds of products and services does ViewTrade provide?

1:22– Describe your different client profiles. How do they each use ViewTrade?

5:40 – The buy vs. build dilemma is top-of-mind for your prospects and clients – tell us about how they square that circle.

9:15 – Talk us through the launch of your carrying broker services and what they mean for ViewTrade and the wider industry.

12:15 – What does ViewTrade do differently from the competition that’s helped you stay on the scene for so long?

14:15 – What are your clients – and ViewTrade – most focused on heading into 2023?

This episode also appeared on ViewTrade’s blog