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The Ins and Outs of Internal Communications  

Alexandra Benavides

Alexandra Benavides

At Forefront Communications, we spend much of our time building and amplifying our capital markets and B2B fintech clients’ public-facing brands. By carefully crafting their key messages, executing strategic digital marketing plans, producing impactful content and honing mutually beneficial media relationships, our agency propels firms to prominence in our industry.

But while these outward-facing strategies are crucial to positioning our clients as market leaders, they represent just one half of the equation. When it comes to achieving business results, conversations that occur within an organization are just as essential as driving engagement through marketing initiatives. In other words, if your team members are not informed of all companywide initiatives and aligned on priorities, you may struggle to realize the full potential of your firm’s external marketing efforts.  

This means a robust internal communications program is a must for any company. By quickly circulating timely news and maintaining a sense of transparency with employees, you can ensure your team is more knowledgeable and engaged – and, by extension, more productive. You can also turn them into internal champions who will make sure your updates are reaching the right people in the right way.  

Let’s look at a few key benefits of having a strong internal communications program in more detail.

A Well-Informed Workforce

Effective internal communications keep employees in the know when it comes to announcements, events and industry developments. By regularly relaying news companywide – such as a new hire, a product enhancement or business partnership – you can ensure team members are approaching every interaction with as much information about your business as possible. For example, if a member of your sales team receives an internal email blast containing a press release about the opening of your new Singapore office, they will be reminded to leverage this information on their next call with a prospect in the APAC region.

Internal communications also ensure client-facing employees are armed with up-to-date marketing materials, such as sales sheets and PowerPoint decks which will help ensure everyone is delivering a consistent and accurate message to the market. Finally, sharing news items in real-time regarding competitor announcements and major market events help your team stay ahead of the curve. You want your employees to hear about these updates from you, not your clients or competitors.

Boosted Employee Morale

Investing in your people can go a long way. By developing and maintaining regular touchpoints with team members, whether through a monthly employee newsletter or in-person town hall meetings, management and executive teams can foster greater transparency and trust with employees.

Consistent updates on everything from employee benefits to corporate events to major strategic pivots create a sense of internal connection, strengthening company culture. Team members appreciate efforts to keep them informed and educated – they will feel seen, valued and trusted. That means they will be more engaged in their work, resulting in reduced employee turnover and, ultimately, the longevity of your business. Internal communications are a vital aspect of this virtuous cycle.

Brand Amplification from the Inside Out

Operating in a crowded space like the capital markets and institutional fintech means you should always be seeking ways to boost your brand visibility. So why not turn inward and leverage the power and reach of your employees?  

Your company should share the links to your important social posts with your internal team as soon as they become publicly available. And when doing so, encourage all employees to amplify the news via their social channels, forward it directly to clients and prospects or take some other action to maximize reach. In this way, employees can serve as an extension of your sales team and play a positive  role in business development.

These are just a few reasons why a strong internal communications program is well worth the investment of time and resources.  When your employees are up to speed and on your company’s activities and goals, they can more effectively reinforce your message in everyday interactions with clients, prospects, partners and other industry influencers.

Over time and at scale, this initiative can help shape and strengthen your brand which will help to ensure your marketing and sales efforts reach their full potential.

Interested in engaging Forefront to help bolster your internal communications program? Get in touch with us today about a custom program.