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How to Write
a Case Study

A Best Practices Checklist for Fintech Marketers

Case studies are like a puzzle. In most cases, you have a sense of the information that should be included. Product functionality, client pain points, future initiatives, visual elements – all are important. But packaging them into a unified, compelling narrative requires thoughtful planning and the right approach.


Done correctly, case studies can serve as a key component of your marketing strategy. They put the abstract in concrete, familiar terms. They take the reader on a journey toward understanding your value proposition. And they validate the bold yet difficult-to-illustrate claims that you are likely already making.


We’ve produced numerous case studies for our clients over the years. We’ve learned a lot about what makes them successful, as well as pitfalls to avoid. And we want to share that knowledge with you. This guide is your roadmap to writing case studies that resonate with your target audience. Our clients are largely concentrated in the fintech space, so we bring that unique perspective. But these best practices are largely industry-agnostic, so any marketer can benefit.


Several of these best practices center around the case study writing process itself. Others have to do with publishing and promoting them. But some of the most important steps must occur during the planning phase. Logistical details must be defined at the outset – otherwise, misalignment is inevitable.

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Here’s a quick overview of the details that must be sorted in advance:

  • Set expectations and secure buy-in from all stakeholders. Get all necessary approvals before moving ahead.
  • Outline the case study. How long will it be? What design elements are needed? Who should be quoted?
  • Define the goal. Who do you want to read the case study? Will it be part of a sales push? Pitches to media? Award submissions?

With our case study best practices, you’ll also learn to:

  • Do the right research ahead of time
  • Define and focus on the story you want to tell
  • Make bold (but provable) claims designed to grab your audience
  • Maximize the impact of your case study through effective promotion