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Case Study: Forbes Enhances Investor Related Content With Xignite

Sam Belden

Sam Belden

In a recent case study, Xignite helped Forbes make their website content more investor-focused by transforming their company profile pages and adding global equities and ETFs stock quote data and other market statistics including open, high, low, close, opening/closing auction prices, and more.

When the Forbes product team began exploring ways to integrate relevant financial and market data into the user experience they knew they needed a data provider that hit the mark on price, stability, and ease of integration. Xignite was identified as a market data provider capable of delivering a wide variety of publicly-traded company datasets in a highly flexible, developer-friendly REST API cloud-based format.

“Xignite came highly recommended. The quality of the data was great, but what really set them apart was testing and integration,” said Nina Gould, Chief Product Officer, Forbes. “That was a real concern for us because that had been a sticking point with our previous provider. In fact, that provider’s inability to handle the cloud and other long-term technology initiatives are what led to the end of that relationship. From the start, working with Xignite was far easier and presented much less friction during
integration and testing QA.”

Forbes’s strategy centered around their editorial content, the primary driver of traffic to the site. Using machine learning and natural language processing, they built a system to identify when a public company is mentioned in a story. The system syncs with the content management system (CMS) and company names are automatically highlighted with a stock ticker appearing next to them. The tickers link back to the company profile pages, which also include recent market datapoints powered by Xignite data.

To read the full case study, click here.

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