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Fintech CMO Survey Report: Conclusion

Sam Belden

Sam Belden

Below is an excerpt from our 2022 Fintech CMO Survey Report, a deep dive into the opinions and mindsets of a wide range of senior fintech marketers. Over the next few weeks, as firms across the industry set their marketing budgets for 2023, we are highlighting some of the report’s key findings. Download the full report here.

The results of our survey and our conversations with fintech CMOs and senior marketers pointed to one fundamental truth: the shifting nature of the landscape, combined with lingering complexities resulting from COVID-19, has kept marketing teams on their toes.

Survey Report Recap

01. CMOs are pulling as many levers as they can, upping their marketing spends and getting more creative with their tactics as competition heats up and the institutional trade media continues to contract.

02. The narrative is changing around the idea of earned media as the ultimate source of validation. While there’s no doubt that traditional media relations is still important, firms are increasingly taking it upon themselves to own their message and leverage an arsenal of tools and program elements to amplify their reach.

03. Capital markets and fintech audiences demonstrate a clear appetite and preference for the written word, with marketers in the space noting a greater ROI in comparison to podcasts or video.

04. Fintechs recognize the value of digital tools and want to make them a priority, but marketing teams are facing challenges in finding the talent and resources to manage them most effectively.

05. We’re living in the future of work. A significant number of marcomms teams have gone fully remote or hybrid and will likely keep these arrangements moving forward. That said, maintaining the “human element” in our increasingly virtual world is critical, and is the primary reason why fintech CMOs and industry professionals are ready to return to in-person conferences and other live events

06. Both startups and well-established firms are facing a difficult hiring environment, made more competitive by the “Great Resignation” and the need for a robust and multifaceted marcomms program.

07. Despite an increasing appetite for digital tools and emerging tactics, traditional PR and media relations can still pay dividends. Tried and true processes such as press releases and media tours can combine with digital marketing elements to create a powerful mix.

While by no means exhaustive, it is our hope that the insights from our Fintech CMO Survey Report will provide fintech marketers with a look into what their industry colleagues are thinking and a roadmap for how to enhance their own programs.

We look forward to revisiting these trends in the future and seeing how firms have grown and adapted to changes and challenges yet to come. As we continue to track the latest trends in our space and beyond, we’d be happy to have a conversation on how we can help bring your organization to the Forefront.