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Episode 45: Linda Middleditch, Regnology

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Welcome to the latest episode of At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations!

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In this episode, Linda Middleditch, Chief Product Officer at Regnology, a leading technology firm on a mission to bring safety and stability to the financial markets sits down with Forefront Vice President and Head of Content Sam Belden . Sam and Linda discuss the future of regulatory reporting: how regulators are changing their approach, specific regulations that are driving this shift and how digital transformation and the cloud can help both regulators and the regulated as they adapt to these evolving needs.

To begin, Linda and Sam discuss the pivot from template-based workflows to more granular and data-driven reporting. Linda explains how granular data enables regulators to derive more in-depth insights than they could by sifting through multiple aggregated reports.

Linda cites the European Central Bank’s IReF as a new regulation that will require financial institutions to adapt their existing reporting infrastructures to capture more granular data and visualizations, including through innovative tooling and streamlined workflows. Regnology’s regulatory reporting solutions help to standardize the reporting process for IReF and beyond, automating the full lifecycle from data collection and transformation to report generation.

Next, Linda and Sam discuss how cloud migration can help both regulators and the regulated as they work to satisfy increasingly complex requirements. Regnology’s client base includes financial institutions and supervisory authorities around the world, giving the firm unique insight into the pain points and perspectives of both sides of the regulatory equation. Their needs are incredibly diverse, but one common theme is a march toward greater proactivity in keeping the markets safe. With their scale, flexibility and security, cloud-based platforms will have a key role to play as the industry navigates this evolving landscape. The rise of AI and a continued focus on ESG requirements further strengthen the case for migrating.

Lastly, Linda describes Regnology’s vision for how AI can make the regulatory reporting process more efficient in both the short and long term. In the most basic sense, chatbots and automations will increase day-to-day productivity for all firms and supervisory authorities – including for repetitive tasks specific to regulatory reporting, such as the correction or augmentation of datasets. Down the line, Linda sees potential use cases for AI that apply specifically to granular data – once properly trained, it can help detect patterns, flag errors and uncover trends, streamlining the reporting process while making it easier for regulators to provide effective supervision.

For more on this topic, you can access Regnology’s free report on the future of regulatory reporting.

See below for a breakdown of what was discussed. Happy listening!


1:40 – Driving forces behind the shift to granular regulatory reporting

3:00 – Specific global regulations requiring more data-driven reporting

4:50 – The value of the cloud and digital transformation

7:00 – Potential use cases for AI in regulatory reporting

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