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Episode 43: Celebrating Women’s History Month

Forefront Communications

Forefront Communications

Welcome to a special edition of At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations!

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In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re shining a light on talented woman professionals in the capital markets, financial services and B2B fintech space. Over the past few weeks, we’ve had the privilege of speaking with some of the industry’s top female voices, who shared their perspectives, advice and lessons learned from throughout their careers. By using our platform to highlight these individuals and their accomplishments, we hope to inspire our listeners and help pave the way to a more inclusive industry.

See below for the women who are featured, listed in order of appearance:

  • Laine Litman – President, Hidden Road Partners (responses at 0:54, 17:04, 32:21)
  • Mireille Adebiyi – Chief Marketing Officer, Regnology (responses at 1:57, 16:07, 23:23)
  • Stephanie Minister – Managing Director, Connectivity Services, LiquidityBook (responses at 2:35, 11:58, 26:28)
  • Emma Hilary Gould – Reporter, WatersTechnology (responses at 3:02, 13:53, 21:27)
  • Lisa Saacks – President, Trillium Surveyor (responses at 4:00, 19:09, 25:14)
  • Lorna Boucher – Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Imperative Execution (responses at 4:44, 19:38, 29:17)
  • Manisha Kimmel – Head of Strategic Planning Low Latency Group, LSEG (responses at 5:19, 17:39, 22:30)
  • Audrey Costabile – Senior Analyst, Market Structure & Technology, Coalition Greenwich (responses at 6:24, 18:30, 29:59)
  • Erin Kelly – Assistant Vice President & Director of Communications, Security Traders Association (responses at 6:52, 20:27, 30:19)
  • Ann Sebert – Chief Executive Officer, CAPIS (responses at 7:42, 15:19, 27:19)
  • Linda Middleditch – Chief Product Officer, Regnology (responses at 8:40, 11:16, 30:52)
  • Melissa Watras – Director of Product, Trillium Surveyor (responses at 9:16, 14:54, 31:38)
  • Anna Hoekman – Head of Product Marketing, FactSet (responses at 9:51, 13:15, 32:57)
  • Molly McGregor – Former Global Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Qontigo (responses at 10:35, 12:41, 28:15)

See below for the topics discussed in today’s episode. Happy listening and Happy Women’s History Month!


0:49 – Who is a female leader who has mentored or inspired you in your career?

11:11 – What career achievement or milestone are you most proud of?

19:37 – How can the fintech space foster inclusivity and equal opportunities for women?

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