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Episode 33: Michael Baradas and Brian Saldeen, Sterling Trading Tech

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Welcome to the latest episode of At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations!

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In this episode, Forefront AVP and Head of Content Sam Belden sits down with two key members of the product team at leading trading technology provider Sterling Trading Tech. OMS Product Manager Michael Baradas and Senior Risk & Margin Product Manager Brian Saldeen discuss some of STT’s new product features, how trading technology can contribute to firms’ alpha and competitive advantage, and potential use cases for AI in risk management.

The conversation opens with a discussion on Brian’s experience at STT since joining the firm in Q3, which also saw the release of advanced new system functionality, including support for FX & crypto asset classes and day trading margin. Brian highlights two key attributes of STT – its flexible solutions and its consolidated delivery of risk and margin via a single platform – and discusses its plans to add support for fixed income and mutual funds in the future.

The conversation then shifts to Michael’s recent article published on TabbFORUM: “OMS and Alpha for Complex Trading: Technology for Competitive Advantage”. Michael unpacks how an OMS can offer far more than operational efficiencies – with fast, high-performance OMS technology, firms can translate their ideas into action far more rapidly enabling them to better meet their best execution obligations.

Next, Brian recaps his week at this year’s Risk Live North America conference, where he spoke on a panel on the potential of generative AI in risk management. Brian argues that while the prospect of AI is exciting, there are many unresolved questions regarding how it should be implemented and used in a secure, cost-effective way. Despite these concerns, Brian states, there are areas where AI can augment or even overtake existing technology and tools, particularly those involving massive datasets like KYC, AML, trade surveillance and cash management risk.

Lastly, with 2023 winding down, Michael recaps some key OMS product innovations STT unveiled this year, including order queuing and an enhanced rules engine. To set the stage for 2024, Michael expresses STT’s ongoing commitment to bringing transparency and efficiency to their clients’ trading workflow, whether through AI or other automated solutions.  

See below for a breakdown of what was discussed. Happy listening!


1:10 – Brian’s first few months at STT and the Risk & Margin capabilities he’s most excited about 

4:10 – How OMS technology can contribute to firms’ alpha and competitive advantage

7:10 – The potential of generative AI in risk management

9:55 – 2024 predictions for the OMS landscape

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