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Episode 6: Pierre Haren and Eric Jensen, Causality Link

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In this installment of At The Forefront: Fintech Conversations, Forefront Senior Vice President Michael Kingsley interviews the co-founders of our client Causality Link

Welcome to a new episode of At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations! Launched in 2020, this podcast unpacks key industry developments and delves into the people, companies and thought processes that keep the capital markets and fintech humming.

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In this installment, Forefront Senior Vice President and host of “At the Forefront” Michael Kingsley interviews the co-founders of our client Causality Link, a unique, AI-powered research platform built to extract key decision-making knowledge: CEO Pierre Haren and CTO Eric Jensen.

They take a deep dive into how Causality Link’s solution cuts through the noise to extract actionable intelligence from millions of documents in real-time, providing investors and analysts with insights and forecasts on companies, industries and macroeconomic topics. The interview also touches on new product features, Causality Link’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and more.

Time Stamps:

00:35 – What are ‘causal links’?

1:46 – How did you come to found a company that focuses on causal links?

4:53 – What is the current state of play for AI and data in finance? How have things shifted over the past few years?

6:50 – We’ve seen a real progression in the kinds of data that are available for investors and decision-makers. How will your platform account for this volume of information?

8:17 – How are intelligence and knowledge being extracted from the data by the new technology you are employing?

11:09 – Can you give us a sense of the number of languages and the number of documents that the platform is looking at?

12:12 – Give us an example of how clients are using the platform.

15:20 – You’ve said the platform goes beyond ratings to help investors make sense of or add dimensions to how they understand ESG. Can you tell us how it’s different from traditional ESG ratings?

17:32 – Can you explain to us the unique nature of what Causality Link does to explain causal relationships?

19:13 – You announced the third generation of the Causality Link platform back in September. Tell us more about the features that have been added and what Causality Link is now with these new functionalities

Why is the new alert functionality built into the third generation of the platform so important for clients?

24:28 – And you have a new partnership with AWS that is based on this functionality?

25:28 – What’s next for Causality Link? What are you looking at in 2022?