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Integrity Research: Causality Link Releases Major Enhancements to Research Assistant Platform

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Causality Link, a Salt Lake City, Utah-based provider of AI-driven research systems, recently announced that it was releasing a number of major product enhancements to its flagship “Research Assistant” platform.

Causality Link provides an AI-based research productivity tool called “Research Assistant” that extracts KPI metrics and other key data from news media, trade magazines, financial research, earnings releases, transcripts and proprietary content.  In addition, Research Assistant enables users to identify causation not merely the correlation between various market developments and financial market moves.

The latest upgrades to Causality Link’s Research Assistant service include an increased number of external content providers, boosting the number of languages ingested, enabling the creation of custom ESG indexes, and providing additional services targeted at parsing and including clients’ internal documents.

Last month, Causality Link announced a partnership with MT Newswires, to include the firm’s “Live Briefs PRO – Global Markets” offering to Causality Link clients.  This inclusion adds more than 130 categories of original, ticker-tagged and meta-coded content that will augment the Research Assistant’s signals and financial models.  Causality Link also added six new languages for a total of 24 languages read by the platform, enabling Research Assistant to ingest textual content from most major financial markets.

Causality Link has also released proprietary parsing technology enabling firms to ingest their own internal documents, including internal emails into the Research Assistant platform.  This new feature allows buy-side clients to compare internally-generated information and analysis from their own analysts, with information and analysis generated by their sell-side research counterparties, along with insights gathered from thousands of external sources globally.

Another major enhancement to Research Assistant is the ability to let clients create real-time custom-built ESG indices focusing on the factors most important to them.  Causality Link’s NLP technology identifies the “favorability factor” of various customer-defined concepts through the interpretation of statements made across millions of documents, revealing the collective point of view on these ESG factors, and their causal interactions with regular business factors.

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