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TabbFORUM: The Future of Capital Markets & Fintech: Introducing “Forecast 2021”

Forecast 2021

Sam Belden

Sam Belden

It’s time once again for the end-of-year stories that not only look back, but also look into the future. Introducing “Forecast 2021” is a series of nine stories that will run for the next two weeks, giving the lay of the land from industry experts in areas like market structure, electronic trading, Fintech, Regtech and more! You’ll hear reflections and predictions from prominent firms and thought leaders in this series developed by Forefront Communications exclusively for TabbFORUM.

It’s a fact that has been emphasized time and time again: 2020 has been a year unlike any other, upending existing processes and injecting a measure of uncertainty as we plan for the future.

The capital markets and institutional fintech space have been no exception. The record volumes and volatility we saw earlier in the year, along with widespread remote work, prompted questions and inspired new approaches that will loom large as we move into 2021.

With that, we are pleased to announce our Forecast 2021 series, compiled by myself and the rest of the Forefront Communications staff. For the next nine days, in this exclusive to TabbFORUM, we’ll share insights from leading firms from all corners of the industry – market structure and electronic trading, exchange, fintech, regtech, market data and digital transformation – through a series of Q&As.

In a year in which it has been more difficult to stay connected, these write-ups will help you stay on top of the major takeaways from 2020, the key trends that define these spaces as they exist today and the developments that could shape their future.

We hope this series will provide an all-encompassing view of the markets and the organizations that keep them humming as we eye the year ahead. The first installment – Part 1 of our electronic trading and market structure Q&As – is live as of today, featuring insights from thought leaders like Larry Tabb of Bloomberg and Ty Gellasch of Healthy Markets, as well as firms like Berenberg, HPR and Old Mission.

Future installments, which will be posted leading up to the holidays, are similarly jam-packed, with stories including every major U.S. equity exchange as well as a host of leading technology providers and other vendors. Here’s a full schedule of the perspectives we’ll be highlighting in the TabbFORUM Daily Alert newsletter:

  • Mon 12/14 – Electronic Trading/Market Structure, Pt. 1
  • Tues 12/15 – Electronic Trading/Market Structure, Pt. 2
  • Weds 12/16 – Exchanges – The Old Guard
  • Thurs 12/17 – Exchanges – The New Guard
  • Fri 12/18 – ATS
  • Mon 12/21 Trading Technology
  • Tues 12/22 – RegTech
  • Weds 12/23 – Data and Data Management
  • Thurs 12/24 – Digital Transformation

The end of the year is the ideal time for reflection, especially in a year when so much has changed. Follow along with Forecast 2021 and you’ll find a variety of variety of opinions, but one clear consensus: the industry has risen to the occasion, adapting to new modes of operating, building new tools and brainstorming new approaches to succeed in this rapidly shifting landscape. Enjoy the series!

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