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Fintech Podcasts: The Shows You Need to Know For 2023

Jane Hilger

Jane Hilger

Podcasts are growing in popularity and volume, with more and more people in the fintech industry creating and consuming audio content. With thousands of shows and episodes to choose from, it can be difficult to choose which ones to listen to in order to keep up to date with this fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

Here at Forefront, we are dedicated to propelling the growth of our fintech clients through our specialized approach to marketing and communications. Staying on top of the latest industry news and insights plays a significant role in that. We even produce our own podcast – “At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations” – which spotlights some of the key people and firms that keep the capital markets humming.

Drawing on our knowledge of the fintech space, we have compiled the below list of some of the most essential podcasts focused on the industry. Whether you’re an industry veteran or just starting your career, this curated list will connect you with the conversations most worth listening to.

Podcasts That Dive Deep into Specific Fintech Companies

Bank On It
Hosted by John Siracusa, each episode features an interview with a fintech professional or other entrepreneur to discuss their company and how they are building the future of finance, technology and beyond.

Fintech Impact
On each episode, host Jason Pereira interviews a different fintech entrepreneur about their story and vision.

Fintech Chatter
Hosted by Dexter Cousins, each episode features an interview with a big name in fintech, as well as commentary about the industry and space as a whole.

Fintech Focus Podcast
Hosted by industry recruiting firm Harrington Starr, each episode of Fintech Focus features an interview with a fintech executive. Host Toby Babb dives into these companies, their missions and their unique offerings.

Let’s Grab Coffee
Hosted by George Khalife of TSX, each episode features an interview over coffee with an entrepreneur, often from a startup or similarly early-stage firm.

Wharton Fintech
Led and hosted by students at The Wharton School, episodes feature conversations between executives from fintech companies and academics as they connect over big ideas in the industry.

Podcasts to Learn About Industry Trends

Breaking Banks
Each episode features a discussion on a key issue or trend in the financial services industry, its current and future impact and how firms are responding.

Fintech Beat
Host Chris Brummer, a law professor at Georgetown, covers the most recent developments within the fintech community, combining news, technology and regulatory developments.

The Fintech Blueprint
Hosted by Lex Sokolin, each episode features an interview with an industry leader, where they discuss the emerging technologies that are shaping their corner of the industry.

FinTech Bytes
FinTech Bytes provides quick snapshots of topics affecting the fintech landscape and insights into the latest tech and trends driving innovation in financial services.Fintech Insider
Each episode features a discussion of the latest rumblings and trends within the industry as well as interviews with subject matter experts.

Hybrid Podcasts – Both Industry Trends and Spotlights on Fintech Companies

Appetite for Disruption: The Business and Regulation of Fintech
Hosted by Troy Paredes and Lee Schneider, each episode discusses key business and regulatory developments within the industry, as well as interviews with leading executives about how their company is disrupting fintech.

Boxes and Lines
Hosted by Ronan Ryan and John Ramsay of IEX Exchange, each episode sees fintech professionals and other industry experts discuss the machinations, politics and incentive structures underpinning the markets.

STA Trading Views
Produced by Security Traders Association, this podcast looks at market structure issues and industry trends, interviewing important and impactful industry leaders.

Waters Wavelength Podcast
Wei-Shen Wong and Anthony Malakian discuss the biggest stories in the fintech industry, often featuring a guest who shares the story and gives the perspective of their own company.

Podcasts to Learn More About Crypto and Blockchain Technology

On the Brink
Hosted by Matt Walsh and Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures, each episode looks at the political, ethical and economic significance of Bitcoin and other blockchains. They also interview leading industry experts.

Crypto Rundown
An Options Insider podcast, each episode breaks down the latest trading activity, trends and developments on coins, futures and OTC crypto options.

The Money Movement with Jeremy Allaire

The Money Movement explores and chronicles the ideas and opportunities driving this new world of digital money. The Money Movement is hosted by Circle co-founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire. Our mission is to raise global economic prosperity through the frictionless exchange of financial value.

The Scoop
The Block’s Frank Chaparro hosts The Scoop, a podcast focused on fintech, digital assets, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, including interviews with industry executives and experts.