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Celebrating Our Recent Bulldog PR Award Wins: Team Forefront Weighs In

Forefront Communications

Forefront Communications

Here at Forefront Communications, we are dedicated to our mission to help B2B fintechs and capital markets firms grow through crafting impactful, integrated programs, built on solid messaging, that set them apart from the competition. Armed with industry knowledge from decades of in-house marketing, strategic communications and journalism experience, our team has proven time and time its ability to build and add value to brands.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that this ability has been recognized by the 2023 Bulldog PR Awards, where Forefront took home two honors: “Most Innovative Agency” (Silver) and “Best B2B Agency” (Bronze). The awards, which celebrate excellence in public relations and communication, are the only national public relations contest judged exclusively by working journalists. This is the third consecutive year Forefront has been recognized at the Bulldog PR Awards, with previous wins in the “Agency That Gets Results”, “Best Industry-Focused Agency” and “Most Innovative Agency” categories in 2022 and the “Best Brand Launch” category in 2021.

These accolades serve as validation of our firm’s widespread efforts to produce high-quality brand work and impactful programs that get results. We’re especially honored to be recognized for two of the qualities we prize most: our extensive industry expertise and our knack for innovating and thinking outside of the box.

Of course, these wins wouldn’t have been possible without our clients. We’ve always considered our client service to be the cornerstone of our agency’s business model, believing that the strongest partnerships are built on open communication, collaboration and a shared eagerness to tackle novel initiatives. Serving as our clients’ outsourced marketing and communications partner, we offer all the necessary services – media relations, content, digital marketing, creative and beyond – to help them reach their business goals.

While we could go on about exactly how our work propels companies from launch to leadership, we felt the best way to get that idea across is by spotlighting those closest to it: our team members. Read on for their perspectives on what they believe to be the driving forces behind our recent wins.

“There are lots of consultants out there who know the markets, and lots of talented marketing and PR agency pros. But few teams bring together everything that Forefront does: our expertise in fintech and capital markets – built in-house and refined at Forefront – and our creative and execution capabilities are all second to none.”

CJ Lengua, Vice President

“One of the qualities we value most at Forefront is curiosity, so while being named one of the industry’s most innovative agencies is extremely exciting, I’m not entirely surprised! We are proud of the ways our team is always pushing boundaries and exploring new technologies and strategies to move our clients to the forefront. One project I’m especially proud of this year is the brand and website we developed for Trillium, where we used video to communicate Trillium’s unique value prop to website visitors.”

Amanda Perrucci, AVP, Head of Digital

“I think something that really sets us apart is our ability to serve our clients in a holistic way. We uniquely position them in the marketplace, build them a highly supportive brand and then execute on all the necessary marketing and communications programs needed to reach their business goals.”

Eric Soderberg, Managing Partner

“Being named Most Innovative Agency is a great example of how our company culture translates directly into the work we do. Big ideas and new ways of getting the job done aren’t just welcome, but encouraged, and we have frequent brainstorming sessions to draw them out. The collective expertise of our talented people, from PR pros and digital marketers to writers and designers, results in bold new websites, unique campaigns and differentiated, outside-the-box content, helping our clients to stand out.”

Sam Belden, AVP, Head of Content

“There’s no silver bullet when it comes to marketing and communications. That’s why we provide the full suite of tactical programs – PR, content and digital, all supported by foundational messaging, a strong visual brand and delivery in a consistent and coordinated manner – needed to reach today’s capital markets decision-makers.”

Mark Dowd, Managing Partner

“Our team is comprised of longtime industry experts and award-winning PR and marketing professionals. I believe it’s this uniquely curated team that positions our agency to provide our clients with an informed and innovative approach to their marketing and communications strategies across the board.”

Lindsey Patterson, Senior Account Executive

“One thing I strongly admire about our team is our collective commitment to staying up to date and knowledgeable on the latest happenings in the fintech and capital markets space, as well as the latest marketing trends, platforms and strategies. We use these insights to inform our day-to-day efforts, from PR to digital marketing to content. Ultimately, this investment of time and effort helps us to stay on the cutting edge and deliver top-notch results to our robust roster of clients. The title of “Most Innovative Agency” could not be more fitting!”

Alexandra Benavides, Account Executive

“As we celebrate this victory, we stand tall, knowing that our innovative spirit sets us apart and continues to propel us toward a bright future. This win is a testament to the exceptional talent within our team and our robust knowledge of the capital markets, and reaffirms that our tireless efforts to think outside the box have not gone unnoticed.”

Victoria Sanseverino, Senior Account Executive

“The depth of knowledge of the industries our clients operate in here at Forefront is unparalleled. A lot of agencies say they know the markets, but not many can back it up with the decades of experience this team boasts. The ability to quickly identify what pain points and challenges clients face means we are able to put forward the best ideas and execute efficiently in a way that actually moves the needle and delivers the outcomes most desired.”

Jed Hamilton, SVP

“It’s a great honor for a firm to be named “Most Innovative” because innovation depends on both experience and hard work. The Forefront team is able to find new and impactful ways for our clients to tell their stories because we know the space better than other agencies, but also because we work hard and work together efficiently. The former journalists on our staff understand the demands of the newsroom and the pressure that our reporter contacts face. Our colleagues with long resumes in marketing know the challenges internal comms teams face, and how to engineer solutions that work. But all that experience can’t lead to something new without the right commitment to the job. Our innovative approach is the proof that we’re able to bring it all together.”

Michael Kingsley, SVP and Head of Media Relations

“For B2C, an agency has to have in-depth knowledge of a product or service; for B2B, an agency needs to understand an entire ecosystem. The senior people at Forefront have decades of experience, much of it on the client side. There’s no substitute for having lived through the last 25 years of capital markets and fintech. There’s no book you can read that can match having that experience, that can give you a feel for what’s truly going on and where things are headed. There’s no secret sauce at Forefront – just smart people who have seen a lot.”

Rafi Reguer, Strategic Communications

“I think our knowledge of the fintech space along with our willingness for collaboration and trying new angles is what sets us apart and allows us to be innovative. This innovation is shown in both our work and our company culture, which I think work together to get our clients results!”

Jane Hilger, Associate