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Securing global recognition as “The Force That Powers Fintech” through a new brand/website and a fully outsourced marketing and PR program


When ViewTrade made its debut 20 years ago, the company referred to itself as a broker-dealer solutions provider. Launched amid the rise of online retail brokerage outside of the United States, the firm led the way by providing electronic access to the all-important U.S. market. In time, ViewTrade expanded to develop its own technology, growing into a prominent fintech player – but its outdated brand failed to evolve with the business, leaving ViewTrade to operate its brokerage business, ViewTrade Securities, and its fintech solutions business, Orbis Systems, as separate brands. This division was so stark that many of the firm’s clients and prospects were not aware of the link between the two, failing to grasp the full range of ViewTrade’s services.


ViewTrade engaged Forefront to build a new brand that reflected the entirety of the firm’s technology and brokerage services. The overarching goal was to create a clear, all-encompassing narrative to position the ViewTrade as the force that powers fintech and cross-border trading services worldwide.

Forefront did a fantastic job translating our core differentiators and unique offering into a new brand that is eye-catching and authentic.

Tony Petrilli, CEO


We quickly determined that in this highly competitive market, ViewTrade’s technology evolution and its importance in many different aspects of trading and investing success, both for its clients and their own customers, were key points to emphasize. Therefore, we made the strategic decision to consolidate the legacy ViewTrade and Orbis companies into one powerful brand – a multifaceted company operating under the singular ViewTrade umbrella. This unification would help clients and prospects better understand the full spectrum of solutions ViewTrade could provide.


The brand build proceeded with an exhaustive messaging and positioning exercise. We immersed ourselves in ViewTrade’s business and key qualities that transcended both of its legacy brands: experience and reliability, an “a la carte menu” of customization options, long-term stability and an unwavering commitment to serving as a partner, never a competitor, to its clients. We listened to stories of banks, brokers, RIAs and fintechs around the world that approached ViewTrade with unique and evolving challenges and workflow requirements, and how ViewTrade’s team of tech experts never failed to cater to these custom needs.


We locked in on these values and strategic considerations and used them as the basis for the design aspect of the rebrand, including a new visual profile, logo, website copy & design and supporting marketing and sales materials.


With the newly established key messaging as our “source code,” we got to work on the rest of the rebrand.

For the new website, we wrote all copy to reinforce the messages. The main headline – “A Wealth of Possibilities” – hinted at ViewTrade’s wide array of offerings and strong capability to fuel trading and investing success. We also refined the sitemap and user journey to make it easier for clients and prospects to find all the information and resources they might need, from educational materials to contact forms. Our design team created compelling visuals and animations, complete with bold, vibrant colors that reflected ViewTrade’s vitality, startup-like energy and modern technology expertise.

Likewise, the new ViewTrade logo represented three interconnected elements of the firm’s value proposition: technology expertise, exceptional client support and comprehensive brokerage services. With these items complete, our copywriters and designers created an extensive set of new sales and marketing collateral, including signage, corporate and product/service sales materials, presentation templates, business cards and consolidated social media channels.

To complete the brand build, Forefront also prepared a press release and official launch day communications, taking particular care to explain the evolution of the two legacy companies into the consolidated ViewTrade brand. This included a list of guidelines and practical considerations for employees who needed to communicate the shift to clients. All of these efforts culminated in an official rebrand launch in mid-July 2022.

They delivered impressive work throughout the process, and our continued relationship has enabled us to follow through on our vision and usher in a new era of ViewTrade.

Tony Petrilli, CEO


“At ViewTrade, we provide our clients everything they need to deliver modern investing experiences, and our firm needed a new identity to match the power of our services and talent of our team. It’s not an easy task to find a marketing partner with deep knowledge of our industry, and Forefront did a fantastic job translating our core differentiators and unique offering into a new brand that is eye-catching and authentic. They delivered impressive work throughout the process, and we look forward to our continued relationship as we usher in a new era of ViewTrade”


– Tony Petrilli, CEO