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Episode 8: Peter Gargone, n-Tier

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Forefront Communications

Welcome to another episode of At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations! Launched in 2020, this podcast unpacks key industry developments and delves into the people, companies and thought processes that keep the capital markets and fintech humming.

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In this installment, Forefront Senior Vice President and host of “At the Forefront” Michael Kingsley interviews Peter Gargone, Founder & CEO of client n-Tier, an innovative technology company that specializes in helping their clients minimize regulatory risk and cost.

Covered in this interview is how n-Tier’s offering has transformed over the years alongside the evolution of the regulatory industry, the company’s migration to AWS and the catalysts behind its recent growth. The interview also breaks down how n-Tier responds internally to new regulatory measures and what’s next for the company as it continues to build out its US and UK presence.


0:55 – What is n-Tier, and what do you do for your clients?

2:25  – Interest in n-Tier really picked up after the financial crisis, correct?

5:15 – Is regulatory reporting still the biggest part of your business? How have changing regulations transformed what you do?

7:44 – Can you walk us through what happens at n-Tier when a new regulation comes into effect? How do you interpret the meaning and start rolling it out to clients?

9:42 – How do you prepare for when new regulations hit the market? How often is it that you’ve already collected the necessary data?

11:46 – Integrating AWS was a big change for n-Tier. Tell us a little more about that.

15:15 – Can you take us through the advent of CAT case compliance, how your clients started adopting it, and why you think this continues to be an addressable market for n-Tier?

20:00 – Tell me about the different asset classes and regions where you’re seeing increased growth.  

21:12 – Why do you think you are seeing adoption from smaller firms now?  

22:45 – What’s next for n-Tier?