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Daily Mail: Whole Foods Steals Walmart and Trader Joe’s Customers After Amazon Bought the High-End Grocer and Slashed Prices

Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

Whole Foods is seeing an increase in customers from Walmart and other competitors like Trader Joe’s apparently due to Amazon taking over the high-end grocer.

After the $13.7billion purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon was completed in late August, Whole Foods slashed prices on some of its best-selling items.

Bananas got a 30-cent price cut, while avocados are now $1.50 less beginning August 28.

Other popular items that saw their prices slashed include organic brown eggs, almond butter, avocados, farm-raised salmon, rotisserie chickens, and more.

Thanks to the cuts, Whole Foods immediately experienced a 17 per cent increase in foot traffic year-over-year from August 28 to September 3, according a report by data analytics firm Thasos Group.

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