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WatersTechnology: The Best Longform Stories of 2018


Amanda Perrucci

Amanda Perrucci

It’s been a banner year for longform content on WatersTechnology. From in-depth investigations of the spat between exchanges in Singapore and India over index licensing, through to the extraordinary pieces produced on alternative data firms like Thasos Group and deep learning in the latter half of 2019, Waters’ newsrooms in London, Hong Kong, and New York have truly kicked it out of the park.

Below is a selection of the best features Waters has published this year, which they’ve also unlocked for the holiday period and brought in front of their paywall.

Hedge Funds Hunt for Alpha Across 1 Billion Smartphones

Geospatial data has been around for years, but many hedge funds are only now beginning to appreciate just what a difference properly analyzing such information could make to their returns. This piece by our European reporter, Hamad Ali, also includes a behind-the-scenes look at how Thasos Group grew out of its beginnings in trading to become the alt-data powerhouse it is today.

The New Oil Rush: An Examination of the Alternative Data Market

If artificial intelligence is the flavor du jour in technology, alternative data is certainly one area that’s getting data specialists hot under the collar. Anthony Malakian takes a long look at this market, bank plans to enter it, and ways in which it could be improved, in what has been described publicly, at various industry events, as the best piece of journalism on this topic to date.

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