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WatersTechnology: Wavelength Podcast Episode 165: Roman Ginis on Trade Execution


Amanda Perrucci

Amanda Perrucci

The founder and CEO of Imperative Execution looks at how trade execution is changing and what that means for the buy side.

After the Soviet Union broke apart, Roman Ginis and his family left Ukraine and came to America. He earned a Ph.D. in computer science from the California Institute of Technology. After that, he landed engineering jobs at Intel, IBM and BAE Systems. From there, he moved to Wall Street as a junior quant at UBS, developing execution technologies and quantitative analytics for electronic market-making for the investment bank. That led to a job at Cubist Systematic Strategies, the quant trading arm of Point72 Asset Management.

After seven years at the hedge fund, he shipped off to create a startup called Imperative Execution, the parent of IntelligentCross, a dark pool that uses AI to improve match times on a security-by-security basis to reduce market impact. Imperative Execution is backed by a consortium of investors, including Point72. Ginis talks about his career, the challenges of creating a startup, and how the world of trade execution is evolving.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

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