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The next great battle in the financial services space might not be in the blockchain or AI spaces—although they will play a role. No, the next monumental shift in the technology space is likely to be the public cloud sector.

“We’re moving our core operations to AWS for a few reasons,” says Shawn Samuel, LiquidityBook’s CTO. “The cloud lets you expand globally in a way that you can’t if you’re trying to open co-located datacenters if you’re a small firm. We can stand up overnight in the EU and Asia with AWS and that’s something we couldn’t do with the physical footprint we had in the US. Another big reason for the move to go entirely cloud versus a hybrid model is the operational scalability it provides. We’re a fast-growing firm and while we have a nice footprint in the US, the ability to scale 10 times or 100 times with the flip of a switch—that’s on-demand computing access.”

But, that doesn’t mean that the company is locked into AWS.

“Even though we’re not going to implement another cloud provider initially, we’re trying to stay multi-cloud,” to future-proof the company, Samuel adds.

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