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Nasdaq Trade Talks: Wall Street Rides FAR

Wall Street Rides FAR

Sam Belden

Sam Belden

Bryan Harkins, Executive Vice-President and Co-Head of Markets Division at Cboe Global Markets, and Alison Singer, Co-Founder and President of the Autism Science Foundation, recently appeared on Nasdaq Trade Talks with Jill Malandrino to promote a charity event that’s making waves on Wall Street: Wall Street Rides FAR.

Founded by Harkins in 2015, Wall Street Rides FAR stages an annual series of bike rides in the lower Hudson Valley, with 100% of participants’ fundraising donations going directly to the Autism Science Foundation. This year’s event will take place on October 13 — here’s how you can register.

Check out a partial transcript of the interview below.

Jill Malandrino: You and your wife Melissa started the event four years ago. Tell us about Wall Street Rides FAR and why you decided to partner with ASF.

Bryan Harkins: About four years ago, we had the vision to bring the charitable business community together. My wife and I had worked on Wall Street for many, many years. It’s a very charitable industry, and we wanted to do something unique. We like physical fitness and we like to cycle, but we also had a particular interest in autism. We met Alison and we really loved the vision for her foundation. So really, the event is a crossroads of the business community, autism and a physical challenge.

JM: It sounds like this year’s event is shaping up to be the biggest yet. From the program I’ve seen, all the U.S. equity exchanges and many of the industry’s largest trading firms are involved. Why do you think it’s getting so popular within the community?

BH: I think if you look at the cause, everybody knows somebody who’s been impacted by autism. So you start with that, and people are very generous and charitable. This business that we work in can be very, very generous, and people want to give back. I’m ever grateful, even for Nasdaq! My company competes with Nasdaq, we compete with the New York Stock Exchange, but we put that all aside for the fun, for the cause and for getting together to make an impact.

To watch the full interview, click here.