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Waters: Wall Street Horizon, MT Newswires Ally for Correlated News, Events Data

Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

Events data provider Wall Street Horizon has struck a deal with MT Newswires to act as a sales agent for the news provider’s content for clients that want to correlate historical news coverage against historical events data and price movements, officials say.

Wall Street Horizon president Bruce Fador says quantitative traders appreciate how well structured its data is, and ask the vendor for other information sources with similarly structured historical data. “A lot of services out there don’t do a great job of meta data tagging. So investors will have to take that stream of data and do it themselves. MT Newswires has managed to make people more efficient by doing the hard work… so clients can define what types of stories they want, such as market and sector summaries. It means people can use and ingest their data far more quickly,” he said.

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