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WatersTechnology: Research Management Systems Vie to Double as Data, Analytics Providers in One-Stop-Shop Bid

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With the possibility that they could continue to work remotely, Andrew Robson, CEO at MackeyRMS and InsiderScore, says buy-side shops demand RMS providers come with a data-enriched, enterprise-level offering.

Research is a slog. Teams of analysts sit at their desks, fingers typing furiously, windows and tabs opening and closing. At least, in the pre-pandemic days, they had each other.

Though it’s still unclear how many will work remotely indefinitely by choice, firms are grappling with the possibility that they could be forced out of their offices again—perhaps by another pandemic wave, or through displacement due to climate change-related events, which are ramping up in frequency and intensity around the world. In addition to hardships these scenarios cause on a humanitarian level, they also throw a wrench into everyday processes like collaboration, data-sharing, and workflow efficiency.

Hodges Capital, an investment advisory firm based in Texas with more than $500 million in assets under management, enlisted the help of Sentieo, which provides a cloud-based research management system (RMS) for investment analysts and researchers. Eric Marshall, director of research and co-chief investment officer at Hodges, says overhauling its proprietary research department with Sentieo has proved “transformational” for the team of 11 he oversees.

Having had a proprietary research process in place prior to the pandemic, Hodges’ analysts published all of their research notes on an internal drive, which featured a “clumsy” interface to access, Marshall says. If a portfolio manager needed information quickly, it was often easier for them to find an analyst directly and ask their questions, rather than sift through the database.

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