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Neuravest: Using AI to Uncover Signals in Corporate Event Data

A Neuravest Case Study

Wall Street Horizon’s forward-looking corporate event data feeds provide financial services professionals with clear and reliable views of potentially market-moving developments. In response to analysts, portfolio managers, traders and chief investment officers becoming more quant-savvy, Wall Street Horizon leveraged the Neuravest Data Analytics Services (DAS) platform to validate the predictive nature of its corporate events data and enable fund managers to apply actionable signals derived from this data to their investment strategies via model portfolios and smart data feeds.

Read along as Christine Short, Vice President of Research at Wall Street Horizon, and Eric Davidson, Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at Neuravest, describe the relationship between the two firms and how the right approach can result in powerful validation for complex datasets.

Q: Give us a brief overview of Wall Street Horizon. What is the company’s background and what does it do?

Christine Short: Wall Street Horizon was founded in 2003 by Barry Star. The company launched in response to a fundamental problem: the highly manual and repetitive process of compiling corporate event data, which is critical for options traders and market makers. For the past 17 years, Wall Street Horizon has been exclusively focused on forward-looking corporate event data. We are the gold standard for accurately tracking, curating and presenting event data to institutional clients worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients don’t miss out on events that will cause volatility in their portfolios. We are based in Woburn, Massachusetts and today have approximately 50 employees around the globe.

Q: What challenges do you experience when explaining the value of your data to fund managers? How do you overcome them?

CS: The most common response from skeptical funds is that they already have a data terminal or that their current solution is “good enough.” This gives us an opportunity to highlight that our accuracy and reliability are superior to any of the big box platforms. If these funds want to outperform their peers, they need to go beyond the terminal and take steps to ensure their corporate events intelligence is verified and up to date. When funds make investment errors due to bad dates, they often are not aware something better is available.

Eric Davidson: Investment managers are always looking for ways to outperform. Many traditional data sources have become commoditized and no longer provide an advantage – which means PMs are looking for analytical and informational advantages in ways that they may not have in the past. Wall Street Horizon provides a unique view into corporate event data that isn’t readily apparent to many investment managers, and communicating the predictive power of this data is essential to their success as a firm.

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