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TORA Continues to Win in the OEMS Market After Wave of Consolidation

Alexandra Hamer

Alexandra Hamer

Much has been written recently about the wave of consolidation that hit the OMS/EMS space in 2018. Clients of these OEMS firms may have reasons to be concerned about commitments to product roadmap promises, client support levels, potential conflicts of interest and data privacy. As a leading, independent OEMS vendor, TORA was neither distracted by an acquisition in 2018, nor will it be in 2019. TORA’s ability to stay firmly focused on clients in 2018 was evidenced by the growth and market momentum we generated during the year with sales, product development, and partnerships, each firing on all cylinders.

Since TORA’s inception, TORA solutions have been fully cloud–based, providing levels of flexibility, reliability, and scalability that far surpass what legacy systems can offer. Leveraging the cloud, our solutions deliver many benefits and advantages, including:

  • Faster and easier implementation and deployment
  • Simpler integration with other systems
  • Smoother and less disruptive upgrade processes
  • Flexible ways to adapt the system to meet evolving business needs
  • Significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Another important way in which our platform differs from many competitors’ offerings is that it was developed all inhouse, and it works on a single, unified codebase. Other solutions have resulted from acquisitions whereby the acquirer combined its OMS with the acquired EMS, or vice versa. These bolt-ons result in two completely different systems, which essentially means the client ends up with two different products, two sets of support and two development queues. From an IT perspective, products with mixed codebases are notoriously unreliable, and often are difficult and time-consuming to troubleshoot when problems arise. Whereas, the TORA OEMS platform, being built on a single codebase, it has none of these issues.

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