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The TRADE News: Top Trends for 2018 — MiFID II


Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

Experts from across the world of research, technology and trading sectors have provided The TRADE with their predictions on what will happen in 2018. Today the publication looks at the anticipated effects of MiFID II with Luminex, LiquidityBook and Wall Street Horizon:

Luminex CEO Jonathan Clark’s prediction that 2018 will see overall block volume as a percentage of the market will continue to grow steadily as block trading tools continue to improve;

LiquidityBook CRO Sean Sullivan’s prediction that 2018 will see increased churn in the OMS/EMS space given MiFID II’s prohibition on transactional pricing;

Wall Street Horizon CEO Barry Star’s prediction that 2018 will see investors seek to better understand where their data is coming from and how it is collected in the same way that the organic food movement has resulted in consumers wanting to know more about the origin of and means of delivery for their food.

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