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Waters: Thomson Reuters Incorporates Visible Alpha Research Management Tools

Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

Thomson Reuters has integrated New York-based research platform operator Visible Alpha’s ONEaccess Resource Tracking application into its Eikon data desktop to enable users to monitor and analyze broker interactions and research consumption, to help firms manage the research unbundling requirements of the upcoming MiFID II regulation.

Thomson Reuters will also offer access to Visible Alpha’s Oneaccess Broker Vote application within Eikon, which allows users to populate recommended benchmarks based on weighted interactions data to understand the value resulting from all research relationships, and to Visible Alpha’s ONEaccess Forward Calendar of corporate access events from more than 150 research providers.

“MiFID’s research unbundling regulations will bring about profound changes in the research segment of financial services, fueling the need for new products to be in place so that institutions can manage these changes,” says Mahesh Narayan, head of portfolio management and research, Thomson Reuters. “Adding Visible Alpha’s ONEaccess applications to Eikon brings further value to our already powerful research capabilities such that Eikon clients will now have an unbiased and robust solution to meet their research unbundling needs.”

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