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The TRADE: RE: A Message To The Buy-side On Outsourced Trading


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Note: An abridged version of this letter has been published on The TRADE. This is our response to an anonymous editorial that earlier appeared in that publication.

As the CEO of Tourmaline Partners, a leading player in what is known to many as the “outsourced trading” space, I would like to respond to the above-referenced editorial in The TRADE.

We believe that this anonymously-written article is a misrepresentation of what outsourced trading does, and what its benefits are, particularly for the buy side. The author seems unaware that outsourced trading serves a critical role for firms of all sizes, from the smaller funds and fund managers who otherwise can’t afford to be covered by the array of brokers necessary to enter – let alone compete in – today’s fragmented landscape for liquidity, to (more recently) the larger players who use us strategically to complement their existing sell-side relationships.

Far from the narrowly-focused vendors that the editorial seems to describe, Tourmaline Partners is a leading trading solutions firm providing outsourced, supplemental and customized trading services to asset managers of all sizes, since 2011. From our offices in Stamford, CT, London and Sydney, we deliver a buy-side execution offering in global equites, derivatives and ETFs, twenty-four hours a day and six days a week, on behalf of hedge funds, mutual funds, RIAs, family offices, sovereign wealth funds and asset owners. Our 300+ institutional clients range from emerging managers at launch to those with AUM over $100B.

To read the abridged version of this letter, click here.

To read the full letter on Tourmaline’s website, click here.

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