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The TRADE News: Buy-Side Ramps Up Adoption of Research Management Technology


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Asset managers are increasingly looking to research management technology and systems to increase efficiencies and ‘work-from-anywhere’ capabilities, according to a survey from MackeyRMS.

The US-based research software provider, which polled 100 asset management investing, technology, operations and compliance professionals, found a significant 96% of buy-side firms that have no dedicated research management system currently installed would look to do so within the next two years.

“Our commissioned survey makes it clear that the asset management industry is serious about modernising the research management process,” said Chris Mackey, founder and CEO of MackeyRMS. “The drivers for this change – the need for accessibility, transparency and work-from-anywhere usability – are consistent with other front office modernisation initiatives undertaken across the investment enterprise in recent years.”

Long-only asset managers not using a research management system told MackeyRMS they are particularly focused on using the technology to improve process efficiency and work-from-anywhere flexibility. A significant 47% of long-only managers stated that increasing flexibility for where research is captured is a top priority for their firm, compared to just 18% of long/short managers.

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