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TORA Whitepaper: The Top Five MiFID II Challenges Your OMS or EMS Must Help You Overcome


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Forefront Communications

MiFID II is causing major compliance headaches for firms across the industry. Getting ready for the January 2018 deadline has been complicated by ongoing and active interpretation of the legislation for which clarification was not received from the regulators until late 2017. This situation was highlighted in a research report from the Tabb Group showing that even the most advanced buy side firms still have ground to make up. In fact, the report’s authors believe “that the majority of firms will not be fully prepared for the deadline and will still need to make adjustments well after the deadline has passed.”

This is a risky and potentially costly scenario that firms should try to avoid. How should they go about that given the short timeline and open implementation questions? How can they shore up their near-term readiness without impacting their long-term compliance flexibility and effectiveness?

To help asset managers navigate MiFID II regulations, TORA has assembled its list of the five most critical challenges that will impact a firm’s trading operations, and included its recommendations for how to address them.

Along with each challenge, we’ve included brief discussions of how TORA’s order and execution management system (OEMS) can address the challenges and mitigate its regulatory risks. Whether you are trying to find a solution by the end of the year or will need a system early next when you realize that your current technology cannot support all the new regulatory requirements, TORA can help. Our OEMS is a cloud-based solution that is MiFID II-ready, and is easy to install and deploy. With our OEMS solution, your firm can solidify its MiFID II compliance footing in a matter of days or weeks – not months.

To read the full whitepaper, click here.

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