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Best Execution: ​The Multi-Asset Trading Desk Marches On


Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

The jury is still out on whether order management systems (OMS) and execution management systems (EMS) can, should or will, be integrated. However, there is agreement that the compliance capabilities they bring is driving the buyside’s demand for more sophisticated multi-asset trading solutions and that further automation will both drive down cost and fuel the next round of growth.

For some, the emergence of the OEMS, merging order and execution management systems, is driving greater levels of automation. Oren Blonstein, managing director, product management at TORA, which now offers an OEMS, TORA Compass, believes they should be closely coupled. “Automation in multi-asset trading is highly dependent on the integration between a firm’s OMS and EMS. To the extent these systems have been developed organically, and in tandem, the greater the chance of success.”

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