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Markets Media: Thasos Launches Geolocation Offering

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Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

Tapping user location data from mobile phone application vendors, start-up Thasos has launched a time-series location data offering, dubbed Streams, company officials announced today, August 9.

The vendor, founded in 2011, spent three years developing and training its internally developed machine-learning algorithms to process the vast amount of data into its final form.

“We have signed data license agreements with hundreds of sources, take their data, and evaluated it,” Greg Skibiski, founder and CEO of Thasos, told Markets Media.

Thasos looks for data sets with samples sizes in the hundreds of millions with at least two years of historical data.

“We see hundreds of millions of phones pinging the server every hour,” said Skibiski. “It is quite a high-frequency global data set from everywhere in the world.”

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