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Waters Technology: Wavelength Podcast Episode 132 — Thasos Group’s CEO Talks Alternative Data


Sam Belden

Sam Belden

Greg Skibiski, co-founder and CEO of Thasos Group, a startup that provides geospatial data to the hedge fund industry, joined Waters Technology’s Wavelength Podcast to discuss the alternative data sector and provided insights into some of the challenges, trends and use cases for this information. The Wavelength Podcast touches on the biggest stories in financial technology, releasing a new episode each week.

Listen in as Anthony Malakian, editor at large for Waters, and James Rundle, US editor for Waters, ask a series of insightful questions, including:

  • What are the biggest trends driving this explosion we’re seeing in the alternative data space?
  • How has hardware in the alt data space improved to allow for the increased use of this data?
  • Why are so many players — from startups, to the biggest vendors, to the banks themselves — trying to get into this space with their own offerings?
  • Have advancements in machine learning and deep learning pushed this space forward, or is it still mainly driven by data scientists looking at the data?
  • How would a hedge fund use this information to gain an edge?
  • Do you see a day when alternative data will be viewed in the same regard as fundamental data?

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