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Tabb Forum: A New Today: STA President Jim Toes Discusses Upcoming Virtual Market Structure Conference

Sam Belden

Sam Belden

This year’s Security Traders Association’s Annual Market Structure Conference on October 7-8 will be online due to the pandemic. But that has not stopped more than 700 industry pros from signing up already. This year’s strong lineup of speakers and panels will address topics that run the gamut, from regulatory to trading issues that industry participants face each day. STA President and CEO offers his insights on the conference in this Q&A.

The theme of this year’s STA conference is “A New Today.” How will this tie into the program?

2020 has been a challenging year for the industry, and firms from all corners have taken unprecedented measures and adopted forward-thinking strategies to navigate the situation. As we look to the future, there are certainly some areas where we all expect life to eventually return to normal – but there are others in which the pandemic served as a catalyst for what could be permanent changes. No matter where your company falls on that spectrum, we’re all finishing 2020 in a different place than we were when the year began. With that in mind, the program will focus on the diverse experiences of our membership throughout this period of disruption, examining how different subsets of the markets were affected and how the industry continues to evolve, both in tandem with and independently of the pandemic.

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