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Traders: Spotlight on HFT Dims


Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

Dash Financial CEO Peter Maragos spoke with Traders Magazine Editor John D’Antona about “high-frequency trading,” which has served as sort of a catch-all, market bogeyman phrase for about the past half-dozen years, or about as long as the methodology has been in the awareness of the general public. You can read the full article here.

“HFT has been present in the markets in some way, shape or form for a long time, and it’s unfair to lump all of the members of the HFT community together,” Maragos said. “Technology companies that have evolved into today’s liquidity providers should not be vilified, as they are essential to providing liquidity to both institutional and retail investment communities in a post Dodd-Frank world.”

He added that if a firm exists simply to prey on and manipulate other market participants, they should be judiciously policed and scrutinized as regulators have always done. “The larger issue, however, is that we need to create a simpler market structure for all investors, whether short- or long-term, which in our view would go a long way towards reducing many of today’s perceived issues,” Maragos said.

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