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Hartford Courant: Tech Leaders Share Vision To Transform UConn Library In West Hartford


Sam Belden

Sam Belden

Seven Stars Cloud Group Inc., an international conglomerate working to establish its technology headquarters in West Hartford, plans to meet with town officials this week to share its preliminary plans for the old UConn campus.

It’s SSC’s first step in securing necessary approvals from the town to transform the 58-acre property it’s buying from UConn into a $283 million hub for financial technology, oSeven Stars Cloudr fintech.

The first element of the hub could open as early as this fall, bringing a U.K.-based program for fintech startups to the old library on Asylum Avenue. Like the rest of the hub, the Centre for Digital Revolution will focus on asset digitization and blockchain, a platform for tracking digital transactions.

Blockchain is best known as the ultra-secure, transparent ledger behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but companies like SSC think it will one day power most digital record keeping, from real estate investments to insurance claims.

This week, SSC will have a preliminary meeting with the West Hartford Planning and Zoning Division to discuss its early plans for retrofitting the site.

Once its plans are finalized, the company can ask the town for permission to do business on the site, which is only zoned for residential use. At minimum, a zoning change is a two- to three-month process that includes a public hearing.

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