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Security Token Newspaper: Exclusive – Templum Expects SEC to Provide Full Clarity

Amanda Perrucci

Amanda Perrucci

The regulation by the U.S. SEC’s recent Statement on digital asset issuance and trading has had a tremendous effect on the industry worldwide. Few marketplaces, however, attempted to do anything about it. Templum, a trading platform for digital assets, did. We recently reported that Templum executives launched a petition addressed to the SEC, asking for clarity on post-trade practices in this space. Today, we talk with longstanding regulatory advocate and one of the two authors of the petition, Templum Co-founder Vincent Molinari:

Q) Most market actors moaned and groaned, when SEC has halted ICOs, however nobody did anything about it. Templum, on the other hand, issued a petition recommending a retroactive path to compliance. Why did you take such pioneering positions?

A) As regulatory advocates, our focus has been to stimulate conversation around the benefits of utilizing technology innovations to promote market efficiency, costs savings, and transparency. We have identified how the adoption of new technologies such as blockchain and digital assets can rapidly influence the evolution of financial markets. We also recognize the need for clear regulatory guidance related to digital asset issuance, trading and post-trade processing without stifling innovation or compromising investor safeguards. Our senior executive team has been focused for many years on modernizing securities laws to intersect with the most innovative technologies and effectuate change. Our strategy has been to seek regulatory approvals before launching our technology platform – not the other way around.

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