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HFM Technology: Real-Time Alt Data Product Launched From Mobile Phone Locations

Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

A real-time alternative data product based on global mobile phone location information has launched for buy-side firms.

The service from Thasos Group has already been used on a consultancy basis by a number of large firms, but the Streams product, which uses machine intelligence, distributed computing and privacy technology to transform real-time data into actionable insights and forecasting is available commercially for the first time.

Subscribers receive daily time series information organised by industry and ticker symbol, covering performance metrics like retail foot traffic, service deliveries, hours worked in manufacturing chains and patient counts in medical facilities.

“By combining state-of-the-art geolocation technology and advanced AI techniques, Thasos provides investment managers, corporations and eventually policy makers with more timely, precise and predictive forecasts of economic performance than anything we’ve seen before,” said Gary Bergstrom, founder of Acadian Asset Management and an investor in Thasos.

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