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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Global Companies With Local Operations Balance Customer Demands and Push to Remote Work

Alexandra Hamer

Alexandra Hamer

Confluence Technologies is also prepared if someone does get sick.

In its normal course of work, the company regularly thinks about “who’s next planning,” Mr. Casagrande said, so if someone leaves — or has to take time off because of a global pandemic — the teams knows who could immediately step into the role.

“We are in full business contingency planning mode … We wanted to move into a more, as best you can get, business as usual environment,” Mr. Casagrande said.

Confluence Technologies sends out daily emails to update employees about its response to the pandemic, and offer tips and tricks for how to work remotely — like “staying productive while working from home and dealing with the cat jumping on your keyboard,” Mr. Casagrande said.

The company is also making investments in remote work, like buying a second monitor or a printer for someone’s home office or paying to upgrade their internet speed.

“We’re making what amount to really small, in the grand scheme of things, investments that need to be made so everyone can be as successful working at home as they were when they sat in the office,” Mr. Casagrande said.

There were “hiccups” but overall the transition was smooth. He said, “I think when all is said and done, we’re going to learn a lot from this.”

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