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Pittsburgh Business Times: Pittsburgh-Based Confluence Completes Acquisition Integration With StatPro


Alexandra Hamer

Alexandra Hamer

Pittsburgh-based tech company Confluence, which in October acquired StatPro, completed the integration of the two companies, according to Mark Evans, chairman and CEO of Confluence.

Through the acquisition, Confluence, which creates products for the investment management industry, unveiled its fully integrated business model which offers a wider variety of services.

“Confluence was a global company before the acquisition but we are just even more so,” Evans said, of the company that now has operations in 40 countries.

The combined company now has 500 employees.

Evans said finalizing the integration during the Covid-19 pandemic proved a challenge, but felt that the company’s position in the software industry allowed it added abilities.

“I certainly believe it changes the way we all think about doing business,” Evans said. “Everything has changed the way we think about taking care of our clients and taking care of one another…I think that we in the software world and in the tech world have a little bit more room to move.”

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